FREE PATTERN MODIFICATION: Adding Flower Crown Flair to Your Bobble Buddy

FREE PATTERN MODIFICATION: Adding Flower Crown Flair to Your Bobble Buddy

Happy Thursday Everybody!! We are so close to the weekend, I can just feel it! The summer days are flying by around here and have been so fun, but so busy!

I am so excited to share that my newest bobble buddy – the Fabulous Flamingo – releases tomorrow!! This is the perfect summer make. It is a quick project and just shouts summer fun. Of course I had to add some flair to spice up my flamingos, so I designed a Flower Crown Flair pattern and I’m sharing it here today for FREE!

While this flower crown looks adorable on the newest flamingo buddy, it really would be cute on any of the bobble buddies! You can add as many or as few flowers as you’d like and choose to add tiny leaves, or leave them off! The written pattern tutorial is below and video tutorial is available on my YouTube page (or check out the “videos” tab on my homepage!)


HOOK 4.0 mm • US size G (I prefer Clover)

*Note: You can use a smaller or larger hook size if desired, it will just slightly change the size of your flower

YARN Weight : Worsted weight or yarn desired

NOTIONS Darning Needle // Scissors



To Make the Flowers:

  • To begin, chain (ch) 26.
  • Starting in the second ch from the hook:
    • [sc, sc x 2] x 3, [hdc, hdc x 2] x 3, [dc, dc x 2] x 4. hdc x 2, sc x 3.
    • You will end with 35 total stitches.
  • Tie off and cut yarn, leaving a long tail to sew flower. You will now take the end without the tail and start to roll it into a rose shape. See the video here if you need help with this portion. As you roll your work, you will see a flower begin to form.
  • The tail should be on the outside of the flower after rolling. Turn your flower over and pass the tail through the bottom of the flower three or more times to ensure it does not unravel. You want to make sure that you are sewing the center of the flower to the bottom as well when you do this. Once your flower shape seems secure, you can pin it in the desired spot on your project and sew on. You can add multiple flowers to make a crown!

To Add the Leaves:

  • To begin, chain (ch) 5.
  • Starting in the second ch from the hook: sc, hdc, hdc, dc.
    • You will end with 4 total stitches.
  • Tie off and cut yarn, leaving a tail to sew leaf. You will then pin the leaf next to the flower as desired and sew the leaf on. This portion is not included in the video tutorial, so if you have questions please feel free to reach out to me!
    • Note: I like to sew the leaf directly onto the head rather than onto the flower! I think it is easier to secure the leaf to the head rather than to the flower!

As always, thank you so much for following along with me. I hope you love your new project! Feel free to share and tag me on Instagram @stuckonyoucrochet .

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