FREE PATTERN MODIFICATION: How to Make A Kitty Cat Bobble Buddy

FREE PATTERN MODIFICATION: How to Make  A Kitty Cat Bobble Buddy

Hello my semi-neglected blog followers! It has been a bit since my last blog post but our summer/fall got so BUSY!! I love the transition into fall but I am always caught off-guard by the busy-ness of back to school and getting into a routine! We are in a hybrid homeschool co-op this year, so we have been trying to adjust to the new schedule!

Anyways, the good news is, I finally have a new pattern to share with all of you! I’ve had this kitty cat idea in my head for awhile and finally got her down on paper! I wanted to make a tabby cat that mirrored our cat, Meejy, who is shades of gray and white striped! But, I also just had to make a Halloween-themed black kitty!

This pattern is great for practicing colorwork with the striping and I love all of the different options! You could stripe every other row, every few rows or do just a handful of different colored stripes on the body to brighten it up. The pattern pdf available on Etsy or Ravelry includes photo and video tutorials for switching colors within your crochet work, so check it out if you need those instructions! You will find specific details on which rows to stripe for your tabby cat or which rows to add color to if you just want a few pops of color on the body. You’ll also find multiple links to video tutorials for details like the facial features, making the ears and attaching the pieces of your work.

If you don’t need the additional photo/video tutorials and you already have either the snuggle bunny or snoozy bear bobble buddy patterns, then you are in luck! I am sharing the FREE KITTY CAT MODIFICATIONS below! Note, this does not include instructions for striping, just for the specific kitty features!


You will need the Snoozy Bear or Snuggle Bunny bobble buddy patterns for this modification.

You will make the arms, body and head as listed in the patterns above.

You will make both an inner and outer ear with the pattern below. For the inner ear, cut yarn and tie ends after round 7. For the outer ear, do NOT cut yarn after round 7. You will continue to the joining instructions for putting the two pieces together.

Round 1: To begin, chain 2. Place 2 sc in 1st chain. Ch 1 and turn. [2]

Round 2: sc x 2. Ch 1 and turn. [2]

Round 3: inc, inc. Ch 1 and turn. [4]

Round 4: sc x 4. Ch 1 and turn. [4]

Round 5: inc, sc x 2, inc. Ch 1 and turn. [6]

Round 6: sc x 6. Ch 1 and continue. [6]

You will now crochet around the ear.

  • sc x 5 up the side of the ear, place 3 sc in the same stitch at the top of the ear.
  • sc x 5 down the other side of the ear and sc x 6 across the bottom of the ear.
  • You will have 2 sc in each of the bottom corners.
    Cut yarn and tie off for the inner ear. Continue below for the outer ear.

Joining the Inner and Outer Ears:

  • After making the inner and outer pieces, place the inner ear on top of the outer ear.
    Single crochet around the edging of BOTH pieces to connect them. It took me 23-24 stitches to get around the ear, placing 2 sc in each of the bottom corners of the ear. Leave a long tail to sew the ears to the kitty’s head.

If desired, make “cheeks” for the kitty face as below. You can also omit this portion.

Round 1: To begin, make a magic circle. Place 6 sc in the magic circle. [6]

Do not join. You will continue to work in the round.

Round 2: Using hdc stitch, [inc] x 6 around. [12]

Sl st to first stitch to finish off. Leaving a long tail, cut yarn and tie off.

You will use the tail to sew the cheeks to the kitty head.

Round 1: To begin, make a magic circle. Place 6 sc in the magic circle. Do not join. You will continue to work in the round.

Round 2: [inc] x 6. [6]

Rounds 3-41: sc x 12 around. [12]

Round 42: Pinch the end of the tail together and place 6 sc through each side in order to close off the tail. Cut yarn and tie off, leaving a long tail to sew on to the back of the body.

To attach tail, center the back of your bobble buddy and attach the bottom of the tail around round 9-10. Tie off and weave in ends. If you prefer your tail to stay upright, you can take a piece of yarn and attach the top of the tail (around round 13-14 on the tail) to the back of the body (around round 32 on the body). Wrap tightly around a couple of stitches and tie off.

Add safety eyes between rows 10 and 11. Leave 5 stitches in between the eyes. If you are concerned about using safety eyes, you could also consider embroidering the eyes!

Embroider a triangular nose below the eyes. Bottom of the nose will start, centered between the eyes, between rows 14-15 and the top of the nose will be about three stitches wide between rows 12-13. Add a straight line from the bottom of the nose to 4 rows down to make a mouth.

Sew cheeks on either side of the nose, if desired. Add three whiskers (or as many as desired) starting between rows 14-15, 15-16 and 16-17. Yow will add the whiskers either on top of the cheeks or just directly onto the face if you do not add the cheeks.

Add the ears on either side at the top of the head. Place the inside of the ear around row 3 and outside of the ear should go to around row 9. I recommend using pins to make sure you like the placement before sewing!

As always, thank you so much for following along with me. I hope you love your new project! Feel free to share and tag me on Instagram @stuckonyoucrochet .

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