The Journey to Stuck on You Crochet

The Journey to Stuck on You Crochet

Welcome to my new webpage! I am so glad you are here 🙂

It has been a long-time goal of mine to create a website where I could share tips, tricks, tutorials and patterns for other crocheters in our community. For a long time, it felt like something completely unattainable. Who would be interested in MY tips, my tricks, my tutorials or my patterns!? With a lot of learning, some hard work and a little bit of gumption, I am so excited to be launching my blog and seeing this dream become a reality!

I thought it best to start out with a brief glimpse into the journey that brought me to this point. I love hearing other maker stories and how they have learned and grown along the way!

I learned to crochet in 2012 while in graduate nursing school. I am very much a ‘busy body’ so I immediately took to the idea that I could create something with a ball of yarn, a hook and my hands while also sitting and relaxing! I took to crochet, but crochet did not take to me in the beginning….I was no good! To be fair, I didn’t want to start with the typical beginner projects and jumped right into a hippo amigurumi. Maybe not the best idea! I had a hard time working with the hook and holding the right tension.

I actually switched to knitting for a brief period of time but ultimately, came back to crochet!

I worked on crochet projects here and there for a few years and then really started using and expanding my skill before my son was born in 2015. I wanted to make him a baby blanket so I put my heart and soul into figuring out how to do that! Once he was here, I had fun creating custom made hats and toys for him. One of my all-time favorite projects was his first Halloween costume – a sweet baby lion! From there, I was stuck on making hats! I made a turkey for Thanksgiving, snowman for Christmas, chick for Easter and so on and so forth.

In 2017, my second son was born and by this point I was totally “hooked” on crochet! I was making tons of infant/children hats at the time. I loved making little animals, characters or other novelty hats. I enjoyed working with color and creating cute styles to choose from. I experimented with modifying patterns slightly to get the design I was looking for, but I was nowhere near the point of designing patterns. When a local boutique asked me to sell some of my hats in their store, I was thrilled!! Looking back, it was a total ripoff to me in terms of the fee structure, but I was just happy to have my things out in the world! The shop closed down the following year, prompting me to work harder on my Etsy shop and social media!

I started branching out to a wider offering of things like baby toys, rattles, binky clips, pillows and amigurumi. I took a lot of custom orders and started trusting my ability to tweak things slightly to get the design I liked. I did a couple of craft fairs and loved them! But, I also had a hard time keeping a good stash of items in stock. With two tiny kiddos and a job as a nurse practitioner, stockpiling craft fair items wasn’t something I had a lot of time for! I was so interested in learning how to become a crochet designer, but I just wasn’t sure how!

My daughter was born in 2019 and our heart and hands have been so full!! After she was born, I decided that I really wanted to try my best to start designing. I worked on improving my photography skills, started testing patterns for other makers and started working on my own designs. As I learned more and more, my confidence as a designer grew and the design ideas kept blossoming!

In March 2020 (just as the pandemic was starting!), I released my first pattern – the Rainbow Dreams Wall Hanging. I had actually created this piece awhile earlier, after suffering a miscarriage. Creating something beautiful with my hands held a lot of meaning and healing for me during that time. However, it wasn’t until I had the confidence in myself to type up and share my design that I finally released a pattern! I never thought I would be able to design something on my own but now…I’m completely hooked! 2020 was a challenging year for so many. Designing patterns gave me a great creative outlet in a time when much felt out of my control.

Nowadays, I love to design and I also love to make. I just love to crochet all of the time! I like to create unique designs that are relatively quick and easy to understand but create beautiful projects. I love teaching and helping others in their making and hope to provide increasing tutorials alongside my designs!

So, the big question – why Stuck On You Crochet? When my husband and I married in 2011, our first dance was to the song “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland. It was the perfect song to describe us and our relationship. When we had our first baby and I started making all sorts of things for him, “stuck on you” came to mind because we were just so totally in love and “stuck” on our sweet little one! I knew it would be the perfect shop name as everything I make and design in my shop is created out of my love for my husband and kiddos! My creations and designs are for all the little loves in your life that you are just totally “stuck” on too!

Thank you so much for your support of my family and my small shop. It brings me so much joy to share my creations and see others’ makes and I am so appreciative of the support!

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  • Hi Allie! Your story is so inspiring and makes me want to shoot for my dreams! I’m so excited for this blog!!

    • Thank you!! I couldn’t do it without all of your help and support 🙂 I’m so thankful for this community!

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