FREE PATTERN: The Heart Wand

FREE PATTERN: The Heart Wand

Happy Love Month! I’m not sure about you, but my February already feels like it is flying by. We have my son’s ‘golden’ birthday and a big family trip at the end of the month, so combine that with Valentine’s Day and these 29 days sure do hold a lot in store! Valentine’s Day is one of those little holidays that just totally fills my cup. Taking intentional time to think about others and express how much I love them is always a win in my book <3 And I love picking out valentines or making them with my kids – having them really spend some time thinking about who they are grateful for in their life!

If you are looking for another Valentine’s Day pattern to use up your stash, check out this post with a free pattern for the Sweetheart Purse!

My daughter is making little baggies with a pencil and notebook for her classmates at school. I was thinking of ways we could spruce them up a little bit and realized I have a LOT of the Dollar Tree Premier Chenille Appeal yarn stockpiled in pink, purple and white. I purchased it awhile back and never really had a clear plan in mind for what I was going to do with (ahem…this *might* be a common problem for me). Anyways, it has been sitting in a basket, just waiting for the right moment. Which is now – with this mini heart wand pattern!

You can use any yarn and corresponding hook that you like to work up this heart pattern. It could make a sweet little rattle, a cozy plush toy or a festive holiday wand as pictured! As I noted above, I used Premier Chenille Appeal which is a size 6 super bulky weight yarn. However, I consider it to be more like a size 5 bulky yarn. Read on to make some holiday magic!

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Materials Needed Include:

HOOK(S): [My all-time favorite hooks are Clover Amour hooks]


Weight : Super Bulky
Premier Yarns, Chenille Appeal

Darning Needle
Embroidery Thread

Glue Gun
Plastic Mesh Canvas

Polyfil Stuffing
Rattle Insert (if desired)

Stitch Marker (if desired)



Heart: Part ONE

To make the heart, you will make the top of one side of the heart first and tie off. Then, you will make the top of the other side of the heart and join them together.

Round 1: To begin, make a magic circle. Place 6 sc in the magic circle. Do not join. You will continue to work in the round. [6]

Round 2: inc in each st around. [12]

Rounds 3-4: sc x 12 around. Cut yarn, tie off and weave in ends. Set aside for joining. [12]

Heart: Part TWO

Round 1: To begin, make a magic circle. Place 6 sc in the magic circle. Do not join. You will continue to work in the round. [6]

Round 2: inc in each st around. {12]

Rounds 3-4: sc x 12 around. Do NOT cut yarn. Pick up first part for joining. [12]

Working in any stitch on the last round of the first part, place a sc st to join the two pieces together. Continue to sc around the first part x 11. On the last sc st (should be the 12th), I like to sc2tog in the final st of the first part and the last stitch of round 4 on the second part. This will help to join the pieces without creating a space at the top of the heart. See this video for a visual on how to do this. Continue to sc around the second part x 12 sts. The round should end with a total of 24 sts.

Now make the rest of the heart.

Round 5: [sc x 4, dec] x 4 around. [20]

Round 6: [sc x 3, dec] x 4 around. [16]

Round 7: sc x 16 around. Begin stuffing the heart gently. [16]

Round 8: [sc x 2, dec] x 4 around. [12]

Round 9: sc x 12 around. [12]

If you’d like to turn your heart into a wand, pause here and skip ahead to the wand instructions!

Round 10: [sc, dec] x 4 around. [8]

Round 11: [sc x 2, dec] x 2 around. [6]

Cut yarn and tie off, leaving a tail to cinch the opening at the bottom of the heart closed. To close the opening, use an embroidery needle to thread through the stitches of round 12 and then cinch tightly. Weave in the end.

If you need more help creating this heart, check out this YouTube tutorial:


To turn your heart into a festive wand, you’ll need a dowel rod or kabob stick, some plastic mesh canvas (if desired), a glue gun and some flair! Try fun ribbons with different textures or add a bell for some extra jingle.

BEFORE closing off the bottom of your heart as described above, grab your wand stick. Cut a small square of plastic mesh and push the wand through the middle as pictured. Secure with hot glue above and below the mesh. Push the top of the wand stick into the bottom of the heart, nestled in the stuffing.

Then close up the heart around the wand stick to secure the top inside. You’ll need to cinch the bottom and weave the ends in around the stick.

Next, grab your ribbons and find the mid-point. Tie the ribbons tightly around the wand stick. If you are using a bell, thread that onto a ribbon piece and then tie tightly around the wand stick. You may wish to place a small dab of hot glue where the ribbons are knotted to make sure they stay in place. Snip the ends of the ribbons to desired length.

Then, enjoy! Pass them out as gifts or give them to your kiddos for some holiday fun. I hope you enjoy these festive wands and I would love for you to share your makes! Tag me @_stuckonyoucrochet_ on Instagram or find me on Facebook!

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