I’m Allie!

Hi friend! Thanks so much for being here 🙂

I am a crochet designer and mama to four sweet kiddos. I learned to crochet while in graduate nursing school. I’ve always been a bit of a busy body and loved having something I could DO while sitting! However, I really got into the crochet obsession when we had our oldest. I wanted to make unique, heirloom items for him but honestly…couldn’t afford the handmade or boutique prices. So, I learned how to do it myself and how to make him things from my hands and heart. Four kids later and I’ve made countless number of things with so much love incorporated into every stitch.

You can too! If you are looking to learn to crochet or find that extra special project, look no further. Our patterns are specially designed with all those little loves in mind!

My Faves

FavE Movie

Notting Hill

FavE Crochet Hooks

Clover Amour

FavE Coffee

Peet’s Major Dickason

Fave Yarn type

Worsted Weight

Here’s a peek at my crew!

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner by degree but a SAHM in my current phase of life. I love to crochet (duh), bake (sometimes) and read (when it doesn’t make me fall asleep). I love going on adventures with my family and taking on creative projects with my kids! My husband is a veterinarian and loves to build things and cook (lucky me)! Our four kids range from 9 yo to 1 yo and they are our pride and joy! Stuck on You Crochet was created entirely with them in mind as they are the littles we are affectionately “stuck on!'”