The Invisible Fasten Off for Crocheters

Dreaded ends are the worst part of any crochet project…am I right!? While some people find solace in the mundane nature of weaving yarn ends back and forth, I am NOT one of those people and find it very irritating to have lots of ends to weave! What makes it even worse, are uneven edges or obvious knots in the spots where I’ve fastened off my work. Sometimes the knot can be hidden with a pull this way or that, but why hassle with the extra work? Enter…the invisible fasten off technique!

This technique creates a mock stitch, rather than a slip stitch and tie off, to prevent the unsightly knots at the ends of your work. Read on to find out how to master this magical technique!

After finishing the final stitch of your work, cut the yarn and pull the tail completely through the final stitch.

Set the crochet hook aside and weave the end of the yarn onto an embroidery needle.

Skip one stitch and then insert the needle through the next stitch from the front of the work to the back. Pull the end entirely through the stitch.

Working from the top, now place the needle through the back loop only of the original stitch (the one that the yarn tail is coming from).

Pull gently on the tail to create a mock stitch and leave an even edge on the spot of your work where you fastened off. Weave the end into the work and voila! A hidden fasten with no bumps or knots.

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