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June’s Free Crochet-A-Long: The Bitty Butterfly Buddy

Welcome to this FREE Butterfly Crochet-A-Long!

*The April Crochet-A-Long (CAL) has now ended. Thank you so much to all who participated! If you’d like to grab the pattern, find it here. Stay tuned for our next free CAL! If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss a free pattern, subscribe to our newsletter here!*

There is a brand NEW bitty buddy fluttering onto the scene…the bitty butterfly! I’m thrilled to finally introduce the newest bitty to the crew with this free butterfly crochet-a-long. With a new body style, oversized squishy wings and endless yarn possibilities, this butterfly is sure to be a crowd favorite!

If you have joined in on our monthly crochet-a-longs in the past, you know the drill! The pattern will be released in parts over the course of the week for everyone to make together. However, this month will be slightly different as the pattern parts will be released during the week with time over the weekend to finish up!

The Nitty Gritty (ie. the Details)

The free butterfly crochet-a-long will run today (Jun 24th) through Sunday (June 30th). To participate in the crochet-a-long this week, firstly, find the materials list posted below. Part One will post on Wednesday and Part Two will post on Friday – with plenty of time to finish up through the weekend! If you prefer a printed pattern rather than the website OR would like to make your butterfly all at once, you can find the pattern pdf here. Use the code BITTYBUTTERFLY to save 25% on the pattern price! Want to take a peek at some of the other pattern options available? Check out the shop here!

Bitty buddies are a great QUICK project. The soft body structure and textured bobbles make them the perfect interactive lovey for little ones. The great thing about this bitty buddy…it can be made in ANY yarn type whether that’s cotton, acrylic, plush or super bulky! Generally, bitty buddies have been designed for weight 4 cotton or worsted yarn. However, with the popularity of plush and bulky yarns, I am pleased to say that this pattern redesign allows for those extra squishy yarns to be used! Turn your bitty buddy into a SUPERSIZED buddy!

Photo features three butterflies of varying sizes laying on a white background. The butterflies are featured as part of the free butterfly crochet-a-long pattern being shared to the website.

So, what do I need to participate!?

As I have noted, this free butterfly crochet-a-long will be worked in two parts. In Part One, we will make the head and the body of the butterfly. The body of the butterfly uses the bobble stitch but if you aren’t familiar with this stitch, have no fear. There’s a full stitch tutorial available to help you out! We’ll assemble them together and get ready for adding the wings! In Part Two, we will make the wings and assemble everything together! As an added bonus, you can choose to tack on some flower crown flair if desired, after assembly! Again, if you need the pattern right away or prefer printing the instructions, check out the PDF pattern (don’t forget the savings code!). If you prefer following along with the free pattern, I appreciate you coming back to the blog posts!

Bitty Butterfly is a bitty buddy pattern designed by me. As a reminder or if you are new here, bitty buddies are a tiny-sized version of my bobble buddy patterns, which are a cross between a blanket and favorite stuffed animal. While there is NOT a bobble buddy sized version of the butterfly, you CAN create a much larger butterfly by using super bulky yarn rather than cotton or worsted! The size difference is pretty significant! In cotton yarn, the butterfly is about 7.5 in tall. In plush yarn (try Parfait Chunky or Big Twist Baby Bear!), the butterfly is about 10.5 in tall. And in super bulky yarn (try Bernat Blanket!), the supersized butterfly is about 15 in tall!

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Materials needed for this little friend will vary based on the type of yarn you choose. If you choose a size 4 yarn, you will need smaller hooks and slightly less yardage of yarn whereas if you use a size 5 or 6 yarn, you will need larger hooks and slightly more yardage of yarn.

Photo features materials needed for the free bitty butterfly crochet a long. The butterfly can be made in cotton/acrylic yarn, plush yarn or super bulky yarn.

[My all-time favorite hooks are Clover Amour hooks]
For Worsted Weight Yarn:
4.0mm • US size G
For Bulky Yarn:
5.0 mm • US size H
For Super Bulky Yarn:
7.0 mm •
8.0 mm • US size L
Smaller hooks recommended for flower crown


Weight : Worsted / HL, I Love This Cotton Yarn
Color A: ~55 yards
Color B: ~75 yards
Weight: Bulky / Big Twist Baby Bear
Color A: ~70 yards
Color B: ~90 yards
Weight: Super Bulky / Bernat Blanket
Color A: ~100 yds
Color B: ~150 yds
Scrap amount of yarn needed for flower crown


Darning Needle
Embroidery Thread
Measuring Tape
Polyfil Stuffing
Rattle Insert (if desired)

Stitch Marker (if desired)


Exact gauge is not necessary for this project


(varies based on yarn type)
7.5 in // 10.5 in // 15 in

That’s it for now! I am so excited to share this crochet-a-long with you guys and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do! Subscribe to my newsletter to be sure you don’t miss out on updates about the CAL and check back this week to find Part 1 and Part 2! I’ll be making a few butterflies this week as well, so be sure to reach out if you have any questions! I’d love to see your progress so feel free to tag @_stuckonyoucrochet_ on Instagram or Stuck on You Crochet on Facebook if you’d like to share your project!

Please Note!

This pattern and the pictures are the property of Allison Wasserman and may not be copied, shared, reproduced or sold in part or in whole. Therefore, the pattern may not be altered or rewritten in any way for resale. You may not use any photos without consent. You are permitted to sell the finished product in small quantities, but please credit the designer by linking to the shop or pattern in your online description.

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