How To Crochet the Loop Stitch

How To Crochet the Loop Stitch

Ever wondered how you can add texture to your crochet project? The loop stitch is an intimidating stitch to get started with, but can be simple and rhythmic once you get the hang of it! The stitch turns simple projects into textured masterpieces!

When I first started using the loop stitch, I had trouble getting my loops to “stick.” I spent so long figuring out the stitch and how to get the hang of it, but then my stitches all came loose in my project even though I thought I had it down! I now use the method I am sharing below and it really helps to lock my stitches into place!

I’ve included a photo tutorial below and I also have a few video tutorials on my video page or You Tube site, so check them out if you need some additional help with the stitch!

If you need more help, check out my video tutorials link! And if you want a couple of new projects to try out the loop stitch, check out my newly released Loopy Llama Bobble Buddy and Shaggy Cactus Pillow! Both are fun, versatile patterns with this great loopy texture!

Thanks so much for following along with me. I can’t wait to see your loop stitch projects and feel free to share and tag me on Instagram @_stuckonyoucrochet_ .